The Cove Restaurant
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About Us

Located on the main strip in Charlestown, The Cove has been serving its loyal clientele since October 4th, 2000. Our family-run establishment has become a staple in the tiny Southern Rhode Island town by the sea. Whether you are in search of a good home-cooked meal or some great conversation, our restaurant has been proud of remembering our customers and making everyone feel welcome since the day we opened the doors.

Our mission is to provide you with a wonderful dining experience, whether you are enjoying some quality time with your family by the fireplace, or chatting with a friend while watching a Sox game at the bar. Our staff is like family to us, and we see our customers as family too.

It takes hard work, dedication and an endless love to make a restaurant run, something we, at The Cove, strive for every day. As we thank those who have visited us year after year, we look forward to meeting others who will be stopping by soon for their very first time.